Vigilante (2023) is a drama featuring big stars in the acting industry such as Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Kim So Jin as the main characters.

Carrying the action-thriller genre, this drama adapted from Kim Kyu San’s webtoon tells the story of a police student, Nam Joo Hyuk (Kim Ji Young) who has extraordinary martial arts skills. Hunting down criminals roaming around in society becomes Kim Ji Young’s dream.

With an educational background as a police student, Kim Ji Young hides his identity and turns into a Vigilante every weekend. This is to teach a lesson to criminals who only receive light sentences under the applicable law. He decided to punish criminals in his own way through his identity as Vigilante.

Being the last drama project that Nam Joo Hyuk carried out before his military service, here are the reasons why you should watch the drama Vigilante. Come on, take a look!

1. Played by a famous actor, Nam Joo Hyuk’s skills cannot be doubted!

This drama, which uses the action-thriller genre, succeeded in taking the name Nam Joo Hyuk as the male lead in it. His excellent acting skills make fans believe that Nam Joo Hyuk can portray the character Kim Ji Young extraordinary.

Fans can’t wait to see a new side of Nam Joo Hyuk in this drama. Are you ready to see Nam Joo Hyuk play this action drama?

2. Using the action-thriller genre, Nam Joo Hyuk looks badass as a police officer!


Carrying the action-thriller genre, this drama, which is planned to consist of eight episodes, is one of the action dramas that is highly anticipated by Korean drama fans.

The first trailer that has been released shows a challenging plot and conflict, this drama is really suitable for those of you who like mysteries in criminal cases. Shows the truly badass figure of Nam Joo Hyuk.

3. Also collaborating with big artists such as Yo Ji-tae, an actor, director and drama script writer


Making fans even more amazed, this drama, which will air on November 8, also features the figure of Yo Ji-tae, whose name is very influential in this industry.

Yo Ji-tae will later play Jo Heon, an investigator from the investigation unit. Guaranteed to be really cool

4. Featuring Kim So-jin, a senior actress who specializes in action drama


The name Kim So-jin must be familiar to fans of action dramas, her figure has appeared in action dramas such as The King (2017), The Man Standing Next (2020), Emergency Declaration (2021) and Trough the Darkness (2022).

Kim So-jin even received a lot of praise for her role as a prosecutor in the drama The King (2017), now her character appears again in the drama Vigilante with Nam Jo Hyuk and Yo Ji-tae. We are waiting for an epic collaboration from the three of them

5. Only 8 episodes, suitable for those of you who don’t like long-episodes dramas


The drama Vigilante has completed the entire filming process. Planned to air with only 8 episodes, this drama is perfect for those of you who like to see lots of action scenes with a plot that doesn’t drag on.

Directed by Choi Jeong Yeol, the director behind the famous drama Start-Up, this Disney+ original drama will be ready to air on November 8 and will air every Wednesday. I definitely can’t wait to see the badass Nam Joo Hyuk

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