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The drama My Lovely Liar aired its 14th episode on September 12. Next week will be the the end of this drama with a total of 16 episodes. This Korean drama with a romantic mystery genre has accompanied the audience with an unexpected storyline interspersed with the romance of the characters.

Before the release of the final episode, several questions remain that still make viewers curious. What are the unsolved mysteries? Let’s see together!

  1. What is the actual chronology of Eom Ji’s murder?
Still cut of My Lovely Liar (Doc. tvN/My Lovely Liar)

The character Choi Eom Ji (Ji Hyun Song) is the key to all the problems and mysteries in this drama. The murder that happened to her raised a big question mark about the figure of the perpetrator who had been hiding. After making Kim Do Ha (Hwang Minhyun) a suspect, it was revealed that the real murderer was Cho Deuk Chan (Yoon Ji On).

The motive behind Deuk Chan killing Eom Ji was his love for Do Ha. He revealed this reason in episode 14. But how did Deuk Chan kill Eom Ji? Was it unintentional or intentional?

  1. What will happen to Cho Deuk Chan and J Entertainment?
Still cut of My Lovely Liar (Doc. tvN/My Lovely Liar)

At the end of episode 14, Deuk Chan ran away from the police and caused an accident. He intended to end his life by taking off the wheel of the car. However, Do Ha and Lee Kang Min (Seo Ji Hoon) immediately saved him.

Is Deuk Chan safe? Then what about J Entertainment, which he has managed as CEO. Who will continue it?

  1. Will Sol Hee lose her special abilities?
Still cut of My Lovely Liar (Doc. tvN/My Lovely Liar)

Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun) also helped stop Deuk Chan from committing suicide. However, she was hit by a car explosion on her way. As a result, Sol Hee heard a very strong ringing. What happened to her?

Many viewers suspect that Sol Hee will lose the ability to detect lies that she has always had. If true, what happened to her?

  1. What is the relationship between Do Ha and her mother?
Still cut of My Lovely Liar (Doc. tvN/My Lovely Liar)

It is revealed that Do Ha is not the real murderer. This was a surprise for Jung Yeon Mi (Seo Jeong Yeon) who had not believed in her son. Jung Yeon Mi received a reward for her actions of bribing the police.

It is not yet known how Jung Yeon Mi’s career, which she has glorified so far will end. Besides, will Jung Yeon Mi learn from her mistakes and start making up with Do Ha?

  1. What is the ending of each character’s love story?

The romance of each character is a remaining question. What will happen to Lee Kang Min who is loyal and waiting for Sol Hee’s love? Apart from that, there is also the story of the second couple, namely Shaon (Lee Si Woo) and Baek Chi Hoon (Ha Jong Woo). Will they be together?

All these questions will be answered in the ending of My Lovely Liar which will air next week, 18-19 September 2023. Don’t forget to watch

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