Some of us may often see South Korea’s top celebrities sharing their happy moments with their pets on social media. Some of these animals are dog-type animals. Some find them in shelters and some in public places. Here are some Korean artists who adopted animals and their dog names

1. Rose BLACKPINK and her dog Hank

Rose Blackpink with her dog. (

If you are a fan of the Blackpink idol group, of course you already know the dog owned by one of the Blackpink personnel, Rose. Hank is the name of a dog owned by Rose. Hank even has an Instagram social media account with the name @hank_says_hank.

Rose herself adopted Hank from an animal shelter in Gangneung, South Korea after being abandoned by its owner. Rose decided to adopt Hank in December last year. She even celebrated Hank’s arrival at its new home with a “welcome” made out of paper. Currently, Hank is known as a celebrity dog who has received gifts from luxury brands such as Saint Laurent pet carriers and Tiffany & Co dog bowls. Which of you is already in love with Hank?

2. Lee Do Hyun and his pet dog named Ga Eul

Lee Do-hyun celebrates Christmas with his dog. (

The handsome actor who has starred in many top South Korean films, Lee Do Hyun, apparently also has a dog he adopted since November 2018 named Ga Eul. He often shares his moments of togetherness with his pets on his Instagram social media @leeyd88

Do-hyun has openly talked about how much he loves Ga Eul in various interviews, even during a speech when he won the best new actor award at the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2021. He even brought Ga Eul to the set of Youth of May, saying : “I think he knows how to enjoy being in front of the camera.” There was a funny moment when actress Go Min-si, the female lead of Youth of May, tried to get Ga Eul to shake hands with her, but Ga Eul refused.

3. Hyuna and Dawn with their dog Haenim

celebrity couple Hyuna and Dawn with their dog named Haenim. (

Korean couple Hyuna and Dawn who have been dating for six years adopted a dog in December 2019 and named him Haenim. Haenim itself means sunshine in Korean. Dawn first shared the news publicly via an Instagram post saying, “Take good care of them. They’re our babies now.” In one video, Hyuna looks happy stroking the dog and in another post, Dawn smiles while hugging the puppy.

According to AllKpop reported by scmp, a day after the post was shared, the couple’s agency P Nation confirmed the news by adding, “There was an animal shelter in Nowon-gu that the couple frequented, and they decided to adopt when the dog saw them.” Hyuna is known as an animal lover who cares about abandoned dogs. She even appeared in a rescue dog adoption campaign and donated all the money she made from the campaign to animal protection organizations, according to AllKpop reported by scmp.


4. Lee Hyo Ri and her dog Soonshim

Lee-hyori’s moment with her dog. (

Next is South Korea’s top singer Lee Hyori. As for the animal adopted by Lee Hyori named Soonshim who passed away in December 2020. Hyori adopted Soonshim in 2010 from a Princess Pyeonggang Animal shelter right before Soonshim was to be euthanized according to AllKpop reported from scmp. After being adopted, Soonshim became a celebrity dog who even appeared in Lee’s published essays and in many of her magazine photo shoots.

During her appearance on SBS Animal Farm, Hyori opened up about how sad she was, saying that she knew “medicine would be hard for Soonshim” and that she cried. “When you watch that video of me and Soonshim, it looks like I’m the one who’s sick,” she said

5. Yoon Ji Sung and his dog Vero

Momen Yoon Ji-sung bersama anjingnya Vero. (

Former Wanna One member Yoon Ji-sung finally decided to adopt a dog named Vero in February 2021. In an Instagram post, he said he had thought carefully about living with a dog in his home for about a year.

“Vero was rescued from a container. After a while at the shelter, he met a temporary caretaker who was very nice, then he came to me,” said Yoon Ji-sung. Through his Instagram social media account @_yoonj1sung_ he often shares his moments with Vero. This is proof that Yoon Ji-sung really cares about vero.

Celebrities above prove that caring and loving animals is something that everyone can do. Their concern for animals and wanting to adopt abandoned animals is one way how humans can live side by side with animals, especially as celebrities can make their fans also involved in caring for animals.

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