One of the leading national television stations from South Korea, KBS, has released a new drama saeguk on November 11 2023. This drama, entitled Goryeo-Khitan War, depicts historical moments of the war for power between the Goryeo Dynasty and the Khitan armed forces.

This drama will tell the story of the struggle of the King of Goryeo at that time, Hyeonjung (Kim Dong Jun), against the Khitan accompanied by his political advisor, General Gang Gam Chan (Choi Soo Jong). Goryeo-Khitan War is also very interesting because it is not like other Saeguk dramas in general. This drama is expected to present a real historical picture without the usual drama.

The Goryeo-Khitan War production team even explained various interesting facts when producing this drama. Are you curious about the facts revealed? Check out the explanation below!

1. Goryeo-Khitan War is a special project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of KBS public broadcasting

Reported by Star News, the drama Goryeo-Khitan War was produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the public broadcast television station, KBS. This drama tells the story of King Hyeonjung who ascended the throne at the age of 19. King Hyeonjung and General Gang Gam Chan are famous for their story of uniting Goryeo and leading the war against the Khitan troops.

2. Start production from winter 2020

The director of the Korean drama Goryeo-Khitan War, Jeon Woo Sung, revealed that he and the production team started working on this drama from the winter of 2020. Reported by KBS World, Jeon Woo Sung wanted to create a story that had real and believable implications, but the audience could still enjoy their work. Jeon Woo Sung also revealed that he wanted to remember the early history of the Goryeo Dynasty, which at that time succeeded in bringing victory and peace after defeating the Khitan.

3. The director consults directly with experts and historians

To write the scenario for the Goryeo-Khitan War drama, director Jeon Woo Sung conducted in-depth research with several historians who are experts in research on the Goryeo Dynasty. To present historical scenes that are accurate but still entertaining, writers Lee Jeong Woo and Dr. Cho Kyeong Ran worked together to compose each scene based on historical research. Some historical notes also really helped him to organize the storyline and describe each scene carefully.

4. The Battle of Guizhou is the highlight and the most expensive battle scene ever produced

The Battle of Guizhou was a battle involving the Goryeo and Khitan armies in Guizhou or also called Guiju. This battle is said to be the highlight of this KBS drama. This battle will last 30 minutes and is the most expensive war scene ever produced.

The production team explained that they used CG to depict this scene. They utilized CG to depict human troops on a large scale to make it more realistic by using a feature called digital crowd. Apart from that, they also utilized CG to create more realistic terrain heights.

5. The production team conducted research as far away as Mongolia to create realistic props

According to director Lee Seok Gun, who is in charge of costumes and props, the costumes used for the Goryeo people can be found in the KBS costume room. However, they expressed difficulty in describing the costumes and props used by Khitan soldiers. They also found a professor, Dr. Ganbolt and Inkhtur, who were researching the Khitan people in Mongolia.

According to the team in charge of producing weapons, Lee Hyun Joon, the weapons used by Khitan soldiers gave the impression of metal and rough leather. This describes the life of the Khitan at that time when they were still nomads and carried out looting between tribes. They conducted research into the lifestyle listed in the catalog of the Genghis Khan Museum in Mongolia.

The production of a Korean drama is not easy, especially a Saeguk drama which is steeped in history. In-depth research is needed so that the history depicted in the storyline does not stray too far. So, have you watched the Goryeo-Khitan War drama which is rich in history? Hurry up and watch it now!

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