Kim Hyang Gi is confirmed to return to star in a drama called Secret Playlist. This drama will be her newest project after starring in the sageuk drama Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist 2 in early 2023. Kim Hyang Gi will be acting together with Shin Hyun Seung.

As an actress from early age, Kim Hyang Gi now is a senior actress in the Korean entertainment industry even though she is still young. She will be played together with Shin Hyun Seung, a rookie actor who is increasingly on the rise. We will find out the facts about their latest drama below.

1. Adapted from a webtoon

Secret Playlist webtoon cover ( Playlist)

The drama Secret Playlist is a story adapted from Naver’s webtoon with the same title. The webtoon version has been published since September 2020. The webtoon ended in November 2022 with 108 episodes

The story is about a secret love story between an idol and YouTuber. The development of their story occurs through a messenger application. Each episode is unique and closely related to the daily life of today’s Generation Z.

2. The role of Kim Hyang Gi

Kim Hyang Gi (

Kim Hyang Gi will be the main female character named Song Han Ju. She has difficulties since early age. Despite this, Han Ju never gave up her dream.

She secretly becomes a music YouTuber under the alias PLII. In the webtoon version, she does not show her face when uploading her songs. At first there was no problem with the activities that Han Ju was involved in. However, everything changed after a member of a popular idol group started following her account.

3. The role of Shin Hyun Seung

Shin Hyun Seung (

Shin Hyun Seung will be playing the role of Lee Do Guk. He is a member of the popular idol group named SEZ. Lee Do Guk uses the stage name Levi for his activities in the entertainment industry.

Levi is told will soon debut solo. He wants to collaborate with PLII, a music YouTuber that he often listens to. To do it, Levi must first try to find out the real identity of PLII.

4. Other confirmed players

Yeon Oh ( | Kang Sung Yeoun ( | Yang Dong Geun (doc. SBS/Yang Dong Geun)

Besides Kim Hyang Gi and Shin Hyun Seung, there are have several supporting players who will stars this drama. They are Yeon Oh, Kang Sung Yeoun, and Yang Dong Geun.

Yeon Oh will be playing the character Lee Mak Chun who will create a love triangle between him, Song Han Ju, and Levi. Meanwhile, Kang Sung Yeoun and Yang Dong Geun played the parents of Song Han Ju. We are waiting for the chemistry that forms between each character

5. Showtimes

Shin Hyun Seung ( | Kim Hyang Gi (

Secret Playlist seems to be broadcast soon in 2023. Reported by Soompi, Kim Hyang Gi cs’s new drama will be released in the winter. However, the exact month and date have not been confirmed.

Secret Playlist itself will be produced by Playlist Studio and streamed on Hulu’s OTT platform. For those of you who are curious about this webtoon adaptation, please be patient and stay tuned for the latest news.

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