Moving (2023) is an ongoing drama that you shouldn’t miss. Using the superhero theme, this drama does not only contain fights, but also dramas about each character’s life journey.

Until episode 13 which aired on Wednesday (30/8/2023), several characters had died. Most of them were killed. Who are they?

1. Jung Sang Jin

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Jung Sang Jin (Baek Hyun Jin) is an agent who joins the black team at ANSP. At that time, he used the code name Jincheon according to his hometown. Jung Sang Jin has participated in many covert operations. His strengths are physical and martial skills.

Unfortunately, he died at the hands of Frank (Ryoo Seung Bum) when he retired.

2. Hong Sung Hwa

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Hong Sung Hwa (Kim Guk Hee) is a member of the black team from the Naju area. She also uses Naju as her code name. In the present, Hong Sung Hwa has retired from the ANSP agency. She also lives life like most people by opening a salon as a source of income.

Unfortunately, Frank managed to find her and she was murdered.

3. Jeon Young Seok

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Jeon Young Seok (Choi Duk Moon) is the last black team member who also died. He uses the code name as Bongpyeong. His ability is a human with electricity. In retirement, Jeon Young Seok opened a used book store as a source of income. He has an only son named Jeon Gye Do (Cha Tae Hyun).

Unfortunately, the death of Jeon Young Seok who was killed by Frank made Jeon Gye Do so angry.

4. Frank

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Frank is a child of South Korean descent living in the United States. He was kidnapped by the CIA to be educated as a special powers agent. Interesting, Frank is able to regenerate wounds on his body so quickly.

He also had to complete a mission to kill retired agents from ANSP. They are members of the black team, Jang Ju Won (Ryoo Seung Ryong), and there are many more on the list. Not having completed all of his missions, he even died when dealing with Jang Ju Won.

5. Hwang Ji Hee

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Hwang Ji Hee (Kwak Sun Young) is the wife of Jang Ju Won and the mother of Jang Hui Soo (Go Yoon Jung). He had to lose his life due to an accident while driving a car. The reason is not yet known, but Jang Hui Soo managed to survive the accident.

Jang Ju Won who was on duty was very shocked and devastated. He rushed to meet his wife at the funeral home.

Will there be other fatalities in the upcoming episodes of the drama Moving?

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