Mask Girl

Many viewers agree that the majority of scenes in the drama Mask Girl (2023) are quite disturbing. Not only because of the violent scenes, but the characters also dare to appear vulgar.

So that the characters are praised for their totality. During the 7 episodes of Mask Girl (2023), it turns out there were 5 actors who dared to appear vulgar. Who are they?

1. Nana

Still cut Korean drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Nana plays Kim Mo Mi B who had plastic surgery. In episode 6, Kim Mo Mi B, who had just been sent to prison, had to undergo a body check.

The scene shows Nana’s entire back body without being covered by threads. It turns out, Nana actually acted out the scene herself, without CGI effects or stunt actors. It became increasingly in the spotlight because Nana debuted as an idol.

2. Lee Han Byul

Still cut Korean drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Lee Han Byul has received the spotlight thanks to her acting as Kim Mo Mi A or before plastic surgery. Apart from that, she also dared to act out vulgar scenes in her debut project.

In episode two, she had a hot scene with Ahn Jae Hong. Even the upper part of Lee Han Byul’s breasts are clearly highlighted during the scene.

3. Ahn Jae Hong

Still cut Korean drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Ahn Jae Hong proved his quality as an actor through the role of Ju Oh Nam. There are several disturbing scenes that Ahn Jae Hong acted from masturbating to giving vent to Kim Mo Mi A.

Both scenes are quite vulgar, especially one that shows the back of Ahn Jae Hong’s body. Making it even more horrifying with its appearance like a creepy wibu.

4. Choi Daniel

Still cut Korean drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Choi Daniel plays Park Gi Hun, the charming manager at Kim Mo Mi A’s office. As it turns out, he has an affair with one of his subordinates, Lee A Reum.

Since the first episode, the audience has been shown intimate scenes between them. In particular, the back of Choi Daniel’s body is clearly highlighted without pants.

5. Park Jeong Hwa

Still cut Korean drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

The scene played by Park Jeong Hwa, who played Lee A Reum in the first episode with Choi Daniel, was quite surprising. In this scene, he kisses Choi Daniel hotly.

After that, they also did an intimate scene on the office table. It’s quite surprising because of the title Park Jeong Hwa who is an idol. She’s a member of EXID.

Their totality when playing vulgar scenes deserves thumbs up. What do you think when you see their vulgar scenes?

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