The Escape of Seven

The Escape of the Seven promises audiences with the premise of the disappearance of a teenager due to the actions of seven adults. This drama features a number of famous players, such as Uhm Ki Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, and Lee Joon.

Unfortunately, this drama, which has only aired two episodes, has already received harsh criticism from netizens. Despite the actors’ acting and satisfactory ratings, the script by Kim Sun Ok from The Penthouse was deemed unsuitable for 16+ content.

This drama features many quite “disturbing” scenes. Apart from that, the sensitive issues raised are presented through the stories of minors. The following is a scene from The Escape of the Seven which has received harsh criticism since the first episode.

1. Domestic violence perpetrated by the mother on her child

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The domestic violence that Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum) committed against her child is the most controversial scene so far. The scene where he punches, slaps and strangles Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael) is considered to normalize violence against minors.

In the drama The Escape of the Seven, the relationship between mother and child is considered too rushed, so it seems disturbing and the plot becomes less enjoyable. Some Korean netizens felt they had been treated to provocative scenes since the first episode.

This should be a consideration for Kim Sun Ok as the writer who is considered to be repeating the mistakes of The Penthouse (2020-2021). Now Kim Sun Ok is once again under critics for showing domestic violence in a drama that can be watched by underage children.

2. Neglecting newborn babies

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Without warning, the audience was shocked by the appearance of a baby born to Han Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi). She entrusted her baby to Bang Da Mi before it was finally taken over by the owner of the entertainment agency, Yang Jin Mo (Yoo Jong Hoon).

Yang Jin Mo separated Han Mo Ne’s newborn child from his mother to protect the famous celebrity’s image. It is known that the child’s father is a celebrity with the initials K who is under his agency.


This scene is considered disturbing considering that almost all the adults in this drama do not act wisely in front of minors. However, Han Mo Ne is said to still be in high school, even though she faked her identity to get to school.

3. A female student gave birth in the art room

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Han Mo Ne does not appear to have any signs of pregnancy, but suddenly gives birth in her school’s art room. This scene was considered odd because there were no physical signs or implied descriptions of her pregnancy.

Han Mo Ne’s friends who came to the art room did not suspect her. They were busy talking about the strong smell there and showing disgust. Likewise, Scarlet Letter was nauseous when broadcasting news about female students giving birth.

Netizens think that Mo Ne’s friends’ attitude is degrading to women who give birth. Moreover, they heard babies crying and rumors of female students giving birth in that room. This scene once again invites feelings of discomfort, despite Lee Yoo Bi’s satisfying acting.

4. The strange relationship in the Bang family

Bang Da Mi’s kinship relationship with her father’s family also raises misconceptions in the eyes of the audience. Bang Chil Sung (Lee Deok Hwa) is seeing Bang Da Mi for the first time, but has already warmly welcomed the teenager who he claims is his granddaughter.

Apart from that, the role of parents has no influence at all in this drama. Bang Da Mi was made so miserable that she had to experience cruel slander, torture, and face all her problems alone.

As soon as the fake news about Da Mi’s pregnancy spread, Bang Chil Sung quickly made the decision to no longer consider her a granddaughter. This scene could make children skeptical of the adults around them.

A satisfactory rating for the first episode of The Escape of the Seven does not necessarily mean that this drama is free from criticism. Moreover, this drama touches on many sensitive issues and several of the scenes are acted out by minor characters.

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