Castaway Diva

One of the characters who has an interesting story to follow in Castaway Diva is Yoon Ran Joo (Kim Hyo Jin). Initially she became a famous singer who was idolized by Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin). However, after 15 years, her career faded and was no longer known.

Her meeting with Seo Mok Ha again brought her to the peak of popularity. But unfortunately after it was revealed that they were lip syncing, their relationship broke down. Seo Mok Ha becomes famous but Yoon Ran Joo distances herself from her. What’s wrong with them? Come on, look at the following explanation!

  1. Seo Mok Ha wanted to give up being a singer
Castaway Diva

In episode 7, Seo Mok Ha succeeded in showing her talent as a singer by going on stage to replace Yoon Ran Joo. Previously, she assured Yoon Ran Joo that she would not betray her and would always be loyal to her. Yoon Ran Joo also believes that Seo Mok Ha will also bring her name to the peak of popularity in her careers.

However, this is in doubt with Seo Mok Ha’s departure. She gave up being a singer because she was afraid of Ki Ho’s father’s terror. Seo Mok Ha’s departure was a big blow for Yoon Ran Joo. It was as if everyone around her had left her.

  1. Yoon Ran Joo was disappointed and left Bo Geol’s (Chae Jong Hyeop) house
Castaway Diva

After that, Yoon Ran Joo felt very betrayed by Seo Mok Ha. All her hopes depend on Seo Mok Ha. However, Mok Ha easily left without saying goodbye properly and giving an understandable reason. As a result, Yoon Ran Joo decided to leave Bo Geol’s house where she and Mok Ha had been staying.

It is known that Yoon Ran Joo was around her biological mother who was being treated in hospital. Her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and thinks of herself as Yoon Ran Joo, a famous singer. Together with her mother, Yoon Ran Joo expressed her disappointment with Seo Mok Ha.

  1. Yoon Ran Joo’s mistake was being too dependent on Seo Mok Ha
Castaway Diva

If you pay attention, from the start Yoon Ran Joo trusted someone too easily. Starting from CEO Hwang Byung Gak (Song Kyung Chul), CEO Lee Seo Joon (Kim Joo Heon), to manager Park Yong Kwan (Shin Joo Hyup). As a result, she always felt betrayed and had nowhere to express her feelings.

Likewise with Seo Mok Ha. Yoon Ran Joo is too dependent on her. Starting from taking care of all her needs to her appearance on stage. Seo Mok Ha’s support makes Ran Joo feel that she will always get it. However, she finally realized that Seo Mok Ha’s priorities could change so that her support could not always be provided.

  1. Yoon Ran Joo is not confident and blames others
Castaway Diva

As a result of her failure, Yoon Ran Joo always blamed other people, even though her illness had actually healed. The doctor even said that there was no problem with her voice, she just needed to be confident in appearing with her voice. But Ran Joo remains doubtful and relies on Mok Ha’s voice.

That’s what makes Ran Joo stay away from Mok Ha so that she can rely on herself and learn to believe in herself more. Even though she was disappointed with Mok Ha, Ran Joo still cared about her by paying attention to news about her. It is proven that Ran Joo actually has a good character.

From Ran Joo’s character, we can learn that relying too much on other people is an inappropriate action. There will come a time when we feel betrayed. So the only way is to continue to rely on ourselves and believe in the talents we have.

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