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Not Others has aired its last episode on Tuesday (23/8/2023). This drama presents a happy ending for all of its protagonists.

However, there are some lingering questions at the end. any idea? Check it out, do you agree with these questions or not?

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Did Kim Jin Hee and Kim Eun Mi finally go on vacation together?

Not others
Still cut Korean drama Not Others (doc. Viki/Not Others)

Kim Jin Hee (Sooyoung) finally travels the world alone. At the end, Kim Jin Hee was surprised to see her mother, Kim Eun Mi (Jeon Hye Jin), who was at the airport. Kim Eun Mi admitted that she wanted to do the Camino de Santiago or walk to Santiago.

However, in the after credit scene of episode 12, the audience was shown a row of wefie portraits of Kim Jin Hee and Kim Eun Mi. Did Kim Eun Mi catch up with Kim Jin Hee after doing the Camino de Santiago? If it’s true, Kim Jin Hee’s plan to go on vacation alone failed miserably.

2. Did Kim Jin Hee and Eun Jae Won get together?

Still cut Korean drama Not Others (doc. Viki/Not Others)

Kim Jin Hee and Eun Jae Won (Park Sung Hoon) have expressed feelings for each other. In fact, the two have kissed several times. They are also not shy about showing affection in public.

Eun Jae Won also said he would wait for Kim Jin Hee to come home from vacation. However, the audience does not hear the word dating. Are they already dating? Or just committed?

3. Will Kim Jin Hee stay at the Namchon Police Station?

Still cut Korean drama Not Others (doc. Viki/Not Others)

Kim Jin Hee was finally able to return to his division before being at the Namchon Police Station. However, Kim Jin Hee was not enthusiastic and seemed to be starting to feel comfortable with her job at the police station.

Prior to her move, Kim Jin Hee took a long vacation. When she returns from a long vacation, will Kim Jin Hee return to the Namchon Police Station? Or did she move to the Administration and Human Resources Division?

4. Who accompanied Kim Jin Soo looking for a house?

Still cut Korean drama Not Others (doc. Viki/Not Others)

Kim Jin Hee had said that she wanted to move house, but Kim Eun Mi did not approve of that. Kim Eun Mi got angry when she saw Kim Jin Soo (Lim Sung Kyun) and Kim Jin Hee coming out of the property sale.

As it turned out, it was Kim Jin Soo who intended to look for a new home. Apart from Kim Jin Soo and Kim Jin Hee, there were other people who also came out of the property sale.

Kim Eun Min was curious, who is that person. From his interactions, it could be Kim Jin Soo’s best friend. However, from Kim Eun Mi’s mysterious smile, it is possible that Kim Jin Soo and the man have a special relationship.

Even if they are answered, the series of questions above actually do not affect the ending of Not Others. But still, you are curious about the answer, aren’t you?

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