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The Matchmakers (2023) aired its first episode last Monday (30/10). This drama, starring Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun, carries the romantic comedy genre in it. Set in the Joseon era, this drama tells the story of a young widow and widower who work together to match the rapidly increasing number of old maids.

Sim Jung Woo (Rowoon) received an order from the king to marry Dr. The third Maeng is an old maid who doesn’t want to get married. On the way to carrying out his mission, Sim Jung Woo then met Jung Soon Deok. Jung Seon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun) is a very famous matchmaker. Check 4 plot twists of the drama The Matchmakers episodes 1-2 below, keep scrolling!

1. Jung Soon Deok has another identity, namely as the famous matchmaker Mrs Yoo Jae

Jung Soon Deok is the daughter-in-law of the first deputy prime minister, she is married to the second son of the deputy prime minister. Having been abandoned by her husband forever, Jung Soon Deok had to spend the rest of her life as a widow and was strictly forbidden to remarry, because a woman from a noble family was only allowed to marry once in her life. According to the rules, Jung Soon Deok must spend the rest of her life in a pavilion alone.

However, it turns out that Jung Soon Deok is living life with another identity. Every day after serving and delivering food to her father in-law, Jung Soon Deok leaves the pavilion and lives another life as a matchmaker named Mrs Yoo Jae. Jung Soon Deok will return to the pavilion before midnight so that shedon’t get caught by her father in law.

2. The romance novel writer, Hwa Rok, turns out to be the third daughter of Dr. Maeng who disguised as a man

Hwa Rok is known as a man, a writer of romance novels who is very famous among the women of Joseon. Her novels are always sought after by all groups of women, because her work is considered to truly depict what women in the Joseon era wanted.

But unexpectedly, no one thought that Hwa Rok was actually a woman disguised as a man. What shocked the audience even more was the fact that Hwa Rok was actually the third daughter of Dr. Maeng is Maeng Sam Soon. Maeng Sam Soon is known as an old maid with a bad temper.

3. Sim Jung Woo, who was supposed to be Pyongyang’s deputy administrator, instead became a lifelong widower who was prohibited to serve as government civil servant

Sim Jung Woo is an intelligent and handsome young man, who achieved the highest score in the palace civil service test. His figure is known as a genius who knows all the existing rules, so many people are reluctant towards him. As the highest scorer in the palace civil service test, Sim Jung Woo was supposed to get the position as deputy administrator of Pyongyang, a position he had been dreaming of.

Because of this achievement, the king actually wanted Sim Jung Woo to be his son-in-law, the king wanted Sim Jung Woo to marry the princess. Unable to refuse the king’s request, Sim Jung Woo finally had to give up his chance as deputy administrator of Pyongyang and marry the princess.

The princess actually died while the wedding was being held. This incident made Sim Jung Woo a widower for the rest of his life, as the king’s son-in-law he was forbidden to remarry. Because of his status as the king’s son-in-law, he could not return to a position in government administration. Sim Jung Woo’s fate changed completely.

4. The king lied to and took advantage of Sim Jung Woo

For eight years, Sim Jung Woo wrote a petition every day to revoke his marriage status with the princess, because according to him what happened between him and the princess was not a marriage, because the princess died while the ceremony was being carried out.

Sim Jung Woo wants to re-enter the government, so his marriage status with the princess must be revoked first. Knowing that Sim Jung Woo had always been making petitions for the last eight years, the king deliberately took advantage of this for his personal interests.

There was an agreement between Sim Jung Woo and the king, namely that the king would accept the petition that Sim Jung Woo made regarding the revocation of marital status with the princess as long as Sim Jung Woo succeeded in marrying three daughters of Dr. Maeng. Sim Jung Woo immediately agreed. However, it turned out that this was just a trick made by the king. What actually happened was that the king would never revoke the marriage status because he didn’t want the princess to turn into a lonely ghost.

The Matchmakers succeeded in bringing together strong chemistry between Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun. Both of them epically present various types of comedy in this drama. There will be 16 episodes, this drama airs on the KBS TV channel every Monday and Tuesday, are you interested in watching it or not?

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