The Korean drama Vigilante highlights the story of Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk) who becomes a dark hero at night to beat up criminals. Kim Ji Yong did this because they received a light sentence and did not make changes for the better.

This action received attention from three parties, namely Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae), Jo Gang Ok (Lee Jun Hyuk), and Choi Mi Ryeo (Kim So Jin). They have different interests in Kim Ji Yong.

The artists who play the main characters in the drama Vigilante put in a lot of effort to deepen their roles. Moreover, this drama is adapted from a webtoon so the audience’s expectations are very high because they want to see the 2D characters come to life. So, what efforts are made by the four main characters of Vigilante? Come on, take a look below!

1. Nam Joo Hyuk does physical training and shows two different sides


Reported by the Ten Asia page, Nam Joo Hyuk tried hard to create realistic action. The reason is, this is the actor’s first experience playing a role in an action genre drama. He also received training in weights, boxing, judo and martial arts in order to bring Kim Ji Yong’s character to life.

“Because this is my first action film, I discussed a lot of details with the martial arts team while filming,” said the actor Kim Ji Young to Ten Asia.

Not only physical training, Nam Joo Hyuk also shows two different sides, namely as a student at the police academy and a Vigilante – someone who enforces the law in his own way – at night. When he was a Vigilante, he wore a hoodie so that his face could not be seen. He also expresses a darker inner side of himself.

“I think the feeling is very different when wearing a police uniform and Vigilante clothing. When I am active as a Vigilante, my appearance is a little darker. I display a different level of seriousness. I also try to act internally rather than express my emotions intensely,” added Nam Joo Hyuk.

2. Yoo Ji Tae gained up to 20 kg and changed his hair style


Yoo Ji Tae plays Jo Heon, the head of the Metropolitan Investigation team tasked with pursuing Vigilante. He is described as a man full of charisma who shows himself to be firm in punishing crimes without respecting the human rights of criminals.

To display his character like in the webtoon, Yoo Ji Tae had to gain weight, you know. He also built his body to be muscular to give him charisma. Physical exercise also does not escape his attention. He had to train in boxing, judo and jiu jitsu.

“To show off my appearance, my weight increased by around 20 kg. On location, I did everything from body weight training to machine training,” he said when interviewed by Osen.

Apart from that, the actor who is also the husband of actress Kim Hyo Jin also changed his hair appearance which he had never done before, you know. He tried a style with open sides to give a different impression.

3. Lee Jun Hyuk actually watches entertainment shows to build his eccentric character


Lee Jun Hyuk plays the character Jo Kang Ok, the young vice chairman of the DK Group company. He is a chaebol or second generation conglomerate heir with a unique charm. From childhood, he dreamed of becoming a hero. As soon as he heard the news about Vigilante, he felt happy because he was in the real world. He also became a fan and follower of the dark hero.

Lee Jun Hyuk admitted that this was the first time he had a character with a unique personality like Jo Kang Ok. He thinks Jo Kang Ok’s character really likes freedom and is quite eccentric. Therefore, the effort he makes to liven it up is watching entertainment shows so he can learn various expressions and jokes from them.

“When preparing myself as Jo Kang Ok, I thought of myself as a person who lives like a musical. I also received help from watching entertainment shows, documents, and reality programs,” said Lee Jun Hyuk to Osen.

4. Kim So Jin is willing to dye her hair to appear exactly like her character in the webtoon


Kim So Jin plays the character Choi Mi Ryeo. He was a broadcast journalist who first introduced Vigilante to the world. Choi Mi Ryeo is described as a reporter who perseveres in working to fulfill what the public wants even though she faces many obstacles.

In order to honor the original work, Kim So Jin discussed everything with director Choi Jeong Yeol from hair, makeup, to costumes. She tried various hairstyles and dyed it red for a strong image. In his role as a reporter, he also concentrated on speaking style and breathing.

“Choi Mi Ryeo is an interesting character with courage who doesn’t give up under any circumstances. I want to try a new interpretation as an actor while still respecting the original work,” he told Newsen.

Kim So Jin continued, “I am a person who dares to overcome limitations, so I took the challenge of having strong red hair. I tried to express the tenacity of a hunting dog who fights aggressively and never gives up until the end.”

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