Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva is tvN’s newest drama which aired its first episode on October 28. This drama tells the story of Seo Mok Ha’s (Park Eun Bin) struggle in becoming a diva after being stranded on a remote island. Apart from Park Eun Bin, this drama also stars Chae Jong Hyeop and Cha Hak Yeon.

In the first episode, the story of teenage Seo Mok Ha (Lee Re) is presented, who appears cheerful, optimistic and dreams of becoming a diva. However, there are four life tests that Seo Mok Ha had to experience as a teenager. Here’s the review.

1. Experiencing violence from her father

When she was in the 8th grade of junior high school, Seo Mok Ha has to live her teenage life full of bitterness. When at school, Seo Mok Ha appears as a cheerful girl who doesn’t have any worries. When she arrived home, she had to accept unpleasant treatment from her father.

Seo Mok Ha’s father is a restaurant owner who likes to drink alcohol. When he was drunk, he often hit and vented all his anger at Seo Mok Ha.

2. Disappointment with police officers

Having physical and mental injuries, Seo Mok Ha tries to be free from her father. She also reported the domestic violence case to the police. However, the police officers who came did not seem to be on Seo Mok Ha’s side.

The police officer even said that Seo Mok Ha had middle school 8th grade syndrome, which makes a child rebel against her father. Feeling disappointed, Seo Mok Ha reluctantly apologized to her father at the police officer’s urging.

3. Had given up her dream of becoming a singer

As a teenager, Seo Mok Ha liked a top singer named Yoon Ran Joo (Kim Hyo Jin). Seo Mok Ha even proved her singing ability by taking part in a fan video contest judged directly by Yoon Ran Joo.

In the process, Seo Mok Ha was helped by Jung Ki Ho (Moon Woo Jin) to make a music video that would be submitted to the contest. Mok Ha successfully won first place and was asked to come to Seoul. Unfortunately, this happy information came at a time when Mok Ha had given up her dream after feeling that no one could help her from the domestic violence case.

4. Stranded on a remote island for 15 years

Seo Mok Ha was helped by Jung Ki Ho to go to Seoul and pursue her dream as a singer. Unfortunately, Mok Ha’s father managed to find Mok Ha who was on the ferry. Mok Ha tried so hard to escape from her father that she decided to jump off the ship.

Misfortune befell Mok Ha again, where she managed to escape from her father, but ended up stranded on a remote island. She also found her father’s body not far from where she was. Mok Ha then tried to seek help by writing ‘SOS’ in the sand of the island. She also struggled to survive on the uninhabited island. Until 15 years have passed, Seo Mok Ha is still on the same island and always hopes for someone’s help.

Having reached the age of 31, Seo Mok Ha managed to get help from Kang Woo Tak (Cha Hak Yeon) and Kang Bo Geol (Chae Jong Hyeop) to get off the island. Far from civilization, will Seo Mok Ha be able to adapt to a new life and achieve her dream of becoming a diva?

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