A Time Called You

The story of Kwon Min Ju (Jeon Yeo Been) in the drama A Time Called You makes the audience’s feel pity on her. She can’t enjoy her school life like ordinary young girl. Even high school, which people think is the happiest, didn’t happen to Min Ju.

Her life story was colored by strange events after an incident that left her hospitalized. Min Ju receives the soul of Han Jun Hee (Jeon Yeo Been) from the future which changes many things in her life. Including Jun Hee, the following four characters contributed to saving Min Ju from sadness and tragic death.

Warning, this article contains spoilers!

  1. Han Jun Hee
A Time Called You
footage of Jeon Yeo Been in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Jun Hee plays an important role in the development of Min Ju’s character. The reason Jun Hee came to 1998 actually had nothing to do with Min Ju at the beginning. Jun Hee only intends to meet again with her lover, Koo Yeon Jun (Ahn Hyo Seop), who is actually Nam Si Heon (Ahn Hyo Seop), whom she met in 1998.

However, Jun Hee then finds clues that Nam Si Heon’s death and all the tragedy around it started with Min Ju’s death in 1998. Therefore, Jun Hee intends to prevent her death.


Because Jun Hee is trapped and cannot fully control Min Ju’s body as usual, she finds out what is in Min Ju’s deepest heart. Min Ju’s sadness and loneliness have peaked. Fortunately, Jun Hee managed to prevent Min Ju from committing suicide and made her realize that she was never alone in this world.

  1. Jung In Gyu
footage of Kang Hoon in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Jung In Gyu (Kang Hoon) almost lost Min Ju forever. He has always had his heart set on Min Ju even though his feelings were never reciprocated. In Gyu is also willing to give up his happiness by letting Min Ju be alone with Si Heon, the person she longs for.

When Min Ju wanted to commit suicide, In Gyu was there. However, he was not the person Min Ju wanted at that time. Seeing the death of the girl he likes, In Gyu once again sacrifices his life to prevent Min Ju from being remembered as a sad person who committed suicide.

With Jun Hee’s help, In Gyu’s existence now means more to Min Ju. In Gyu, who has always been sincere in wanting to bring Min Ju out of her loneliness and willing to accept her as she is, finally has the opportunity to do that.

  1. Nam Si Heon
footage of Kang Hoon in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Nam Si Heon indirectly contributed to saving Min Ju. Because, he is the reason Jun Hee went to the past. Si Heon was the first time Min Ju was able to recognize Jun Hee who had entered her body.

Nam Si Heon really doesn’t have any feelings for Min Ju. However, he never had bad intentions towards Min Ju. Si Heon was also instrumental in introducing her to In Gyu even though at first their relationship didn’t go smoothly.

  1. Bae Chi Won
footage of Park Hyuk Kwon and Ahn Hyo Seop in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/lim_hyoseon)

Min Ju’s maternal uncle, Bae Chi Won (Park Hyuk Kwon), was also instrumental in preventing Min Ju’s death. He collaborated with Si Heon, who had returned to his original body in 2002, to recreate the meeting between Si Heon in Yeon Jun’s body and Jun Hee.

Bae Chi Won also always pays attention to Min Ju. He always tried his best for his nephew. One of them can be seen when Min Ju panics because she thinks her mother has left her alone. Bae Chi Won seems to replace the role of Min Ju’s father who has divorced his mother.

It can be seen that Min Ju is never alone in this world. He just wasn’t aware of their existence. You can reap the positive side and don’t imitate the bad side of Kwon Min Ju’s life in the drama A Time Called You

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