A Time Called You

A Time Called You presents a heart-wrenching love story. The struggle of the characters to change their tragic fate by traveling through time is apparently not easy. They repeatedly encounter a future that has not changed at all.

It all started with Han Jun Hee (Jeon Yeo Been) who still couldn’t let go of her lover, Koo Yeon Jun (Ahn Hyo Seop). Jun Hee then suddenly finds herself in 1998 and meets someone who is very similar to Yeon Jun.

Beside Jun Hee, it turns out there are other unexpected time travelers throughout the story of A Time Called You. Who are they?

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

  1. Han Jun Hee
footage of Jeon Yeo Been in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Jun Hee first couldn’t believe that she was actually in 1998. The cassette player given to her by an unknown person took her back to that time. Jun Hee just thought that he was dreaming.

Jun Hee then gets a clue from Kwon Min Ju’s diary. When Jun Hee went to 1998, her soul entered the body of a high school girl. At that time, there was Nam Si Heon who was very similar to Yeon Jun.

In the diary, it is written that Si Heon not only looks like Yeon Jun, but he is Yeon Jun himself. Jun Hee, who really misses Yeon Jun, wants to confirm this. She then returned to 1998 in the hope of being able to save Yeon Jun in the future.

  1. Nam Si Heon
footage of Jeon Yeo Been in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Si Heon turns out to be another time traveler in this drama. He is the only person who is aware that Min Ju has changed drastically after the incident that caused her to be hospitalized.

It is true that at that time Jun Hee’s soul had entered Min Ju’s body. However, Jun Hee is not always in Min Ju’s body. The two of them were separated for quite a long time. Until one day Si Heon had an accident in 2002 and entered Yeon Jun’s body. He also had an accident in 2007.

Si Heon lives his life as Yeon Jun and is determined to pursue Jun Hee’s love. Starting from just being a senior and junior on campus, they officially started dating. However, trials came again because Si Heon’s soul returned to his original body which was still in a coma after Yeon Jun died in a plane crash in 2022.

  1. Oh Chan Yeong
footage of Jeon Yeo Been in the drama A Time Called You (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Oh Chan Yeong (Min Jin Woong) is Yeon Jun’s close friend from college to work. He also knows Yeon Jun’s girlfriend closely, namely Jun Hee. After Yeon Jun left, he was the one who always comforted Jun Hee.

Chan Yeong has an older brother named Oh Chan Hui (Min Jin Woong) who went to the same school as Min Ju and Si Heon in 1998. Chan Hui secretly likes Min Ju and often takes photos of her. It was through this photo that Chan Yeong, who was 11 years old, began to feel attracted to Min Ju.

Now Chan Yeong knows that he can go back to 1998 after hearing Jun Hee’s story. He also entered his brother’s body because they had similar faces. Chan Yeong intends to kill Min Ju to make her his.

A Time Called You has many plot twists in the story. The audience must also be careful in understanding each character’s dialogue from beginning to end. Endless time travel can ultimately produce better results.

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