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The latest Korean drama Behind Your Touch will start airing on JTBC and Netflix on Saturday, 12 August 2023.

The drama Behind Your Touch presents a humorous story filled with romance about Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min), a small town veterinarian with psychic abilities who can read the past of humans and animals based on touch on the buttocks.

Meanwhile, an impatient detective Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) is determined to solve all criminal cases so he can return to his position in Seoul.

Here are three interesting reasons why the drama Behind Your Touch is worth watching. Here’s why:

1. Combined Romance and Comedy Genres

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Behind Your Touch carries the romantic comedy genre in collaboration with writer Lim Nam Kyu and director Kim Suk Yoon.

Director Kim Suk Yoon is known for his touch of humor and confirmed that Behind Your Touch will lean more towards comedy. Han Ji Min in the press conference that was held on Thursday (10/8) said that she felt very helped to play in this comedy series thanks to the fun shooting atmosphere.

While Lee Min Ki said that the script Behind Your Touch is like a comic full of comedic accents. Kim also promised that the audience will feel comforted by the appearance of adorable pets.

2. Maximum character immersion by Players

behind your touch
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Another interesting thing about this drama is the players who perform optimally. One of the totality in playing his role is Suho EXO. Suho made in-depth observations of the convenience store workers according to his role as Kim Seon Woo. He also acts more introverted to portray the character’s mysterious aura.

3. There Will Be An Exciting Story Mystery Element

behind your touch
still cuts drama Behind Your Touch (

Behind Your Touch is not only promised to provoke laughter, but this drama will also present a tense story. Director Kim Suk Yoon explained the duality of this series that combines comedic elements, depicted from Ye Bun’s unique strengths, with suspense narratives of criminal cases. This combination will continue to provoke the curiosity of the audience to keep watching.

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