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In My Lovely Liar (2023) episodes 11 and 12, Choi Eom Ji’s (Song Ji Hyun) body has been found. This also raises a number of new mysteries and question marks in the minds of the audience. Moreover, several complicated conflicts also re-emerged after this incident.

So, what was the complicated situation that the characters had to face at that time? Let’s take a look at the following review.

Anyway, this article contains spoilers

  1. Jung Yeon Mi failed to participate in the election
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Previously, Kim Do Ha (Minhyun) was forced by his mother to go abroad but he refused. This was done by Jung Yeon Mi (Seo Jung Yeon) for the success of her upcoming election.

This didn’t last long when news about Choi Eom Ji surfaced. Moreover, the public is starting to learn about the lies in the past that Jung Yeon Mi committed to cover up the case.

Furthermore, the public lost trust in Jung Yeon Mi. In fact, the party chairman forced him to step down to run for office.

  1. Kim Do Ha’s figure is in the spotlight
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Kim Do Ha’s real identity is Kim Seung Ju. He was forced to change his name to Kim Do Ha after being involved in the murder case. His face was also exposed to the public so many people recognized Kim Seung Ju as the perpetrator. In fact, he was released by the police due to insufficient evidence.

Meanwhile, Kim Do Ha is famous as a talented composer. Unfortunately, he never showed his presence by choosing to hide. In fact, no one thought that Kim Do Ha and Kim Seung Ju were the same person in the Choi Eom Ji murder case.

  1. Syaon was boycotted by fans
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Of course, this also has an impact on Syaon’s (Lee Si Woo) career. He is an idol who works exclusively with Kim Do Ha. Many are boycotting Kim Do Ha’s works, including those performed by Syaon. Fans don’t want to hear the work of someone who was once suspected of being the perpetrator of the murder.

These three situations really make the conflict in My Lovely Liar even more heated. Moreover, this has not yet found a bright spot. Of course, this makes many viewers look forward to the continuation of the My Lovely Liar story. Are you one of them?

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