In the drama Moving (2023), the story of Kim Doo Sik (Jo In Sung) and Jang Ju Won (Ryu Seung Ryong) while living their lives as secret agents is clearly depicted in episodes 12-13. They were paired as a duo to complete quite dangerous missions. Nevertheless, the task can be handled properly.

In addition, there is also a number of supporting evidences, that Kim Doo Sik and Jang Ju Won are a team with good cooperation. Here is the list.

1. Kim Doo Sik and Jang Ju Won both make optimal use of their special powers and complement each other

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Kim Doo Sik has the super power to fly. So he can travel across countries. He has mastered this power well, so that Kim Doo Sik is so agile when he flies.

Meanwhile, Jang Ju Won has regenerative power. The wound would heal quickly when the enemies stabbed, shot, or even broke the bone.

Each of them is fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the other. Doo Sik, who is more intelligent, acts as the ‘brain’, while Ju Won, who is stronger, becomes the ‘muscle’.

2. Jang Ju Won fights enemies from below, while Kim Doo Sik is from above

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They always maximize the strategy used. Jang Ju Won will attack the opponent on the ground. Because he has such good martial arts skills. It’s no wonder that fighting enemies alone isn’t too difficult for Jang Ju Won.

When the other party focused on Jang Ju Won, Kim Doo Sik also took action. He will shoot from above until the enemy is cornered from various positions. This is also a neat collaboration to paralyze opponents. Complementing and optimizing each other’s expertise makes them an unbeatable team.

3. Kim Doo Sik takes good care of Jang Ju Won

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Kim Doo Sik was first recruited to become a secret agent. Meanwhile, Jang Ju Won recently joined as his junior. Even though seniority remains visible, Kim Doo Sik treats Jang Ju Won well.

Kim Doo Sik is known as a super mischievous person. Jang Ju Won is often a victim of this. This was proven when Kim Doo Sik ordered Jang Ju Won to return to South Korea alone while on a mission in Russia. He also did not hesitate to immediately leave Jang Ju Won at a location that had been surrounded by the enemy.

Even so, Kim Doo Sik also seemed to care about Jang Ju Won’s wounds. Moreover, he also often buys food for his partner after completing missions. Doo Sik was even willing that Ju Won would use the dagger inherited from his father to remove the bullets. When Doo Sik was arrested by ANSP, Ju Won was one of the people who was hit hardest.

These three points can be proof that the teamwork of the two is so well established. They also have extraordinary chemistry so they are compact when on the field. Do you agree?

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