You can enjoy the Korean drama Moving (2023) on the Disney+ Hotstar channel for seven episodes. The drama, starring famous actors such as Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryeong, Han Hyo Joo to Go Youn Jung, will take you to the world of superheroes which are full of conflicts.

Even though it was written by the same person, writer Kang Full intentionally gave a difference in the drama with the webtoon version. One of the significant differences is in terms of the villain. The following are three differences between the drama villain Moving and the webtoon version.

1. Number of villains and their country of origin

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In the webtoon, there are two main villains. They are leaders of South Korea’s intelligence services as well as troops from North Korea. Meanwhile, there are more villains in the drama version.

In the first seven episodes, there is a new character named Frank (Ryoo Seung Bum). Frank works under the CIA and is originally from America. He is a child who is specially trained to become a CIA living weapon. Besides Frank, two webtoon villains are still in the drama version.

2. The interests of each villain

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In the webtoon version, South Korea’s intelligence agency hunts down humans with super powers to be forced to work for their country. Even though it seems patriotic, in order to obtain the willingness of the superhuman, this government-owned secret organization is willing to take various methods. It is even said that Jang Hui Soo’s mother (Go Youn Jung) was killed so that Jang Ju Won (Ryoo Seung Ryeong) would return to work as a special force called Agent Black.

The North Korean intelligence forces that infiltrated South Korea in the webtoon version have the goal of investigating the existence of superhuman seeds in South Korea. The reason is, the superhumans in North Korea are all used as soldiers and no one has offspring. There is no successor with superpowers in North Korea, so the North Korean side wants to confirm the condition of the enemy.

In the drama version, there is an additional villain from the American intelligence agency who sends Frank to eradicate all superhumans in South Korea. The goal is that South Korea no longer has weapons. In the drama, America’s mission is much crueler than North Korea.

3. There is a villain in the school of young superheroes

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One thing that is interesting is the addition of a villain for the young superheroes. He is Bang Ki Soo (Shin Jae Hwi), friend of Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha) and Jang Hui Soo. Bang Ki Soo is said to have special jealousy for Lee Gang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon), the class president.

Bang Ki Soo, who failed the selection to enter a sports university, was frustrated and wanted to bully his friends. He was more annoyed at Lee Gang Hoon who was hiding his superpowers. Bang Ki Soo, who finally knows the secret of Kim Bong Seok and Lee Gang Hoon’s super powers, intends to reveal their secret to the world.

The more villains in the drama version, of course, makes Moving more attractive. Since the beginning of the episode, the audience has been invited to feel the tension of humans with super powers who are being chased by Frank.

Was Frank really dead? Will the story of the North Korean intelligence agency be the same as the webtoon version, and how will the story of Bang Ki Soo continue? The answer is in the drama Moving next episode.

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