Queen of Divorce

JTBC presents a new drama with the revenge genre entitled Queen of Divorce. Having only aired two episodes, this Korean drama, starring Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young, has experienced an increase in ratings. The ratings for the two episodes were 3.3 percent and 4.8 percent nationally, respectively.

Looking at the rating indicates that this drama is popular. For information, this drama highlights the story of Korea’s top divorce queen, Kim Sa Ra (Lee Ji Ah) and a smart lawyer named Dong Gi Jun (Kang Ki Young) in providing a justice solution for their client. So, what is the attraction of this work by director Park Jin Seok? Here is a brief review.

1. Each episode has a different case and does not spoil the conflict of the main characters

Queen of Divorce

Two episodes have been broadcast, the divorce cases shown are different for each episode. The first episode caused the divorce due to domestic violence and fighting over child custody.

In the second episode, the divorce occurred because the husband abused another woman. Then, in the next episode, there will be another discussion about the reasons why someone wants a divorce.

By having different cases in each episode, this story does not spoil the story of the main characters who have their own conflicts. Kim Sa Ra, who seeks divorce solutions from her clients, is still thinking about how she will win custody of their children. Then, Dong Gi Jun, who joined Kim Sa Ra’s team, was also still focused on finding the truth about Na Yu Mi’s (Jung Han Bit) death.

2. There is a divorce team that is different from other Korean dramas

Queen of Divorce

Kim Sa Ra formed Divorce Service Solutions after being released from prison. The office is supported by funds from Son Jang Mi (Kim Sun Young). This team is completely different from the divorce legal services in other dramas.

Kim Sa Ra members consist of lawyer Dong Gi Jun, hacker Kwon Dae Ki (Lee Tae Gu), former policewoman Kang Bom (Seo Hye Won), manager Jang Hee Jin (Kim Si Hyun). They unite to find solutions and justice for their clients. The first episode shows the actions of Kim Sa Ra’s team who took the child from the client’s ex-husband.

Even though personal revenge is the ultimate goal of this drama, Kim Sa Ra’s actions revealed in each episode do not only serve as a means of personal revenge. Kim Sa Ra also has the goal of alleviating the suffering of people hurt by divorce and moving towards healthy revenge.

3. Good acting from the cast

Queen of Divorce

Lee Ji Ah’s two previous dramas, namely Penthouse and Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, featured cold characters. Thanks to her role in the drama, Lee Ji Ah’s character is very attached to the audience’s memory. So, this time, Lee Ji Ah takes on the character of Kim Sa Ra with an easy going personality even though she is facing constant problems.

Then, Kang Ki Young was also a lawyer at Extraordinary Attorney Woo. However, in this drama, he plays a supporting role. On this occasion, he played the main character for the first time. Since there are still two episodes, the chemistry with Lee Ji Ah hasn’t developed strong enough.

The antagonist characters are no less interesting, namely Noh Yul Seong (Oh Min Suk) and Cha Hui Won (Na Young Hee). Both of them are enemies of Kim Sa Ra who is her ex-husband and father-in-law. They have put Kim Sa Ra in prison. Meanwhile Noh Yul Seong killed Kim Sa Ra’s mother.

The plot of these two episodes adapts to the rhythm of revenge dramas in general. For those who want to prove how exciting Queen of Divorce. Every episode you will find various actions from Kim Sa Ra, the Queen of Divorce.

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