My Lovely Liar is the most awaited drama in the second half of 2023. Because this Korean drama played by two popular young Korean stars as the main actors, namely Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun. Both appear with promising chemistry.

My Lovely Liar presents the romcom genre wrapped in mystery. Where this Korean drama presents a plot about a girl who is able to detect lies and a boy who has been a murder suspect. Now, while waiting for the drama to air, see the still cuts here

1. My Lovely Liar is Kim So Hyun’s Korean drama comeback this year. She appeared as the character Mok Sol Hee

2. Mok Sol Hee has a special ability where she can detect liie from her opponent

3. Mok Sol Hee really hates this ability and makes her not easily trust other people

4. Until one day, Mok Sol Hee met her next door neighbor, Kim Do Ha, which made her so curious

5. Character Kim Do Ha is played by Hwang Minhyun. He works as a music producer with promising abilities


6. But Kim Do Ha always covers his face to hide his identity. he did this because of an incident in the past

7. In the past, people considered Kim Do Ha as a murder suspect. But he always maintained his innocence

8. When he is near Kim Do Ha, Mok Sol Hee’s abilities seem to disappear and she cannot feel lies at all

9. Even in one of My Lovely Liar’s teasers, Mok Sol Hee asked Kim Do Ha, “Are you used to not lying?”

10. His meeting with Mok Sol Hee made Kim Do Ha smile again after living in seclusion for so long

From the footage from the drama My Lovely Liar, a lot of excitement can be seen from the main characters. The mystery that is presented also makes the audience more curious. Look forward to the broadcast of this drama on July 31

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